Library at GST Language Center

At GST Language Center, we strongly believe that students in schools with good school libraries learn more and eventually get better outcomes. We understand that students who attend GST Language Center come from diverse educational and
professional backgrounds with different English proficiency levels. Therefore, to adequately meet our students’ expectation, the school strives to provide a broad range of materials including literates, studying guides, and references.

The Library at GST Language Center holds more than 1800 volumes of various types of books that are ESL appropriate and systematically organized according to different language competency levels. Occasionally, classes meet in the library for
student- centered group discussions and group projects under instructors’ guidance. Students can work individually or in small groups on research and collaborative projects in the library.

In addition, the library also serves as an open access computer lab with three computers available for students’ use of the internet, writing programs, educational web sites, as well as academic research. Administrative staff is available to assist students in their academic research.

The Library is operated Monday through Friday from 9 am to 8 pm unless otherwise stated on the Library Door. (The Library may be in use for administrative meetings. Generally these meetings are rare and are held when students are in class, or after regular school hours.) The library is located adjacent to the classrooms on the second floor.

In order to check out material from the library, a student must leave a valid ID with the school administrator in the Library. Library materials and books cannot be taken out of the school. Books, texts and materials must be returned at the end of each school day. Books, texts and materials may also be checked out by instructors for classroom use.

With a valid ID students may also access branches of the Los Angeles County Library System. Students are to get local branch information from their instructor or school administrator.