GST Language Center – Admissions

Apply for Admission                                                                                                 

Please read the following information and send the appropriate materials based on

your individual situation.

*All applicants must be graduates of a recognized high school or secondary school and must be

18 years of age or older.

*All applicants must submit  GSTLC  Application Form, a non-refundable application fee and

along with a certified financial statement(Bank Balance) less than three months old.

*If you are a transferring international student (F1),

Please submit required documents (meet transfer student on our school website) and

download the GSTLC’ Transfer-in Form, fill out and give the form to your current school.

*Please refer our school’s web site category for Transfer student and Student VISA for more information

Download Form

– GSTLC Application for Admission.pdf,

– GSTLC International Student Transfer-In.pdf ,

– Declaration of Financial Support.pdf ,