At GST Language Center, we strongly believe that students in schools with good school libraries learn more and eventually get better outcomes. We understand that students who attend GST Language Center come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds with different English proficiency levels. Therefore, to adequately meet our students’ expectation, […]

 SESSION  V  2016   (Sep. 6 – Oct. 24)                                 8 WEEKs  Start Day of Classes of this Session                                        Sep. 6    Teacher’s Meeting                                                                   Sep. 13  Mid-Term Examination of this Session                                    Sep. 28  Columbus Day- School Holiday                                                Oct. 10 Teachers’ Meeting                                                                    Oct. 11  Final Examination of this session                                            Oct. 26  Student Free Day                                                                    Oct. 27  Test Results /End of Session                                                  Oct. 28                                                                                           SESSION  VI   2016    (Oct. 31 – Dec. […]